The Government & Community Can Work Together

Local residents believe that when all sides better understand each other, all sides can work together to solve any of the current Balfour ferry terminal problems and required upgrades as described by MOTI.

There are many additional costs not listed in the SNC Lavalin study/report proposal to relocate the ferry terminal at the northern end of Queens Bay.  Many different points are being brought up by residents, including severe damage and long-term disruption to the bay area, the quality of drinking water in the bay, the Queens Bay Wetlands, and the dangerous traffic issues and dangerous storms, wind and waves if the terminal was moved.
Annual business revenue at stake in Balfour are at over $7 million and this means there will also be a major loss of tax revenue for the BC government.  This loss of tax revenue would cancel-out any financial savings in the yearly maintenance costs of a new constructed Queens Bay terminal, an option the locals say call a non-option.  Balfour would be devastated culturally and socially, as the ferry and terminal lies in the heart of this historic community.
The government can make one decision that will create a win for all stakeholders: Choose Balfour and you Save Queens Bay!  Some solutions may include an all-electric battery-powered ferry, as used in Norwegian.